The six most expensive pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia |03.22.10

Jackson's legacy among the greats is assured - as demonstrated by his memorabilia sales... Following news that the syringe used to administer the fatal drug overdose which killed Michael Jackson is being touted around for $5m, Paul Fraser Collectibles takes a look at the top six pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia. Today, Jackson's autograph has ascended to the big league, in terms of value, commanding prices similar to George Washington, King Henry VIII and Neil Armstrong... Read More

The value of Michael Jackson's signature |11.27.09

Last Saturday's (November 21) Julien's Auctions sale at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York saw Michael Jackson autographs ascend to the big league, in terms of value. Jackson signature sales exceeded or were easily among the big hitters in today's autograph market, which include George Washington ($32,818), King Henry VIII (selling between $29,500-40,000) and Neil Armstrong ($27,350). The biggest selling Jackson autograph was linked to what many regard as his most important song. His handwritten and signed lyrics for the... Read More

Investing in rare collectibles  |09.24.09

There are huge opportunities across the whole collecting spectrum for investing in collectibles as an alternative asset class, which has gained momentum, and publicity, recently, due to the credit crunch and uncertainty in the mainstream markets. There is an increasing demand for tangible assets that are limited in supply, with historic prices reflecting favourable returns. Individuals are also now looking to have greater control over their wealth, and more enjoyment through collectibles where they can act as a... Read More

Collectibles investments are booming, says The Times  |01.06.10

'High net worth individuals are increasingly turning to alternative investments,' reports the respected UK newspaper. Here at Paul Fraser Collectibles, we've long recommended diversifying wealth into collectibles. Not only will they offer pride and pleasure, but the high-end items can also offer profit. And now it's nice to have it confirmed by another news source: The Times of London. In their article, The Times also notes that collectibles are being used by high-net-worth individuals to diversify their wealth... Read More