Malibu Rocks That Roll

I recently came across a terrific story in the LA Times by Steve Harvey about sculptor Brett-Livingston Strong. The story was about 116 ton boulder which was teetering over Pacific Coast Highway in a threatening manner.  Some years later, 2005 to be exact, another large boulder was threatening to roll onto PCH between Big Rock and Las Tunas forcing Cal Trans to shut down that segment of the highway (to the consternation of many local residents) including me! For more on this Malibu Times story, click here.

It was the first week of March 2005 and I was just recovering from the flu when I was driving to a home inspection on a house I had put in escrow the week before, just across from street from the hanging rock. I had to beg the sheriff to let me park my car and walk the 2 miles down the muddy post rainstorm highway to my listing, hoping all the way that this “minor inconvenience” was not going to cause a case of buyer’s remorse. I walked quickly past the large boulder being worked on by Cal Trans praying I had not walked this far for naught!  Luckily the buyers were a hardy pair and the boulder was a great topic of conversation. When I finally walked back to my car at the end of the day there it sat with a totally flat tire but the house was still in escrow, the rock still suspended. The house closed escrow, the rock was blown up into smaller pieces for removal whereabouts unknown.

Back to 1979 where the exciting drama to remove the 116 ton boulder culminated in sculptor Livingstone Strong purchasing a 12.5 ton chunk of the rock which he carved into the image of actor John Wayne!

         John Wayne Rock Sculpture


The Wayne bust was donated to Lubbock Christian University where in 2010 it still sits in the university library. Click here to view more information about the photo to the right.

* reprinted by permission from Ewing & Associates Sotheby's International Realty