Andy Warhol's most iconic item for sale

Today we're giving one reader the opportunity to purchase an item that has every chance to make serious money, if recent auction activity is anything to go by.

The birth of this market can be tracked back to 2007 when Christie's sold Audrey Hepburn's little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

It's fair to say the £410,000 ($615,000) sale price was a surprise to all involved and from that day the celebrity vintage clothes market was born.

Monica Turcich, vintage expert at Christie's said at the time:
"Having a great story behind the piece always adds to value"
"Without the story that Givenchy piece was just a little black dress, but with the provenance it's a £410,000 design icon"

More recently a packed saleroom saw more than 40 items from Audrey's wardrobe sell for a total £268,320 ($402,480). That's an average £6,708 ($10,062) per item.

The highest price was for a Chantilly lace cocktail gown by Givenchy which Audrey Hepburn wore in How to Steal a Million in 1966.

It sold for £60,000 ($90,000) - four times the estimate of £15,000.

The second highest price was paid for another piece by Givenchy; a turquoise cloche silk cocktail gown, from the Autumn/Winter collection 1966.

Estimated to sell for £8,000 ($12,000) it actually went for £18,000 ($27,000), bought by a museum in the USA.
When items start selling for two, three, even four times their auction estimate it's worth taking note.

More recently Princess Diana's Black Taffeta gown worn for her first official appearance with HRH Prince Charles in 1981 sold for £192,000 ($288,000).

That was six times the auction estimate. The dress was bought by a fashion museum in Chile. Other recent auctions have been equally impressive.

Monroe's iconic "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" dress from that very role sold for £213,000 ($319,500) in Los Angeles in June. That's 25% above the estimate.

The reason this market is taking off...

You could call it the Collectibles Holy Trilogy.

Collectors, Museums and Investors.

They are clamouring to get into this market and prices are rising accordingly.

It's clear that auction estimates are being smashed.

And if recent auction results are anything to go by, this item could make you serious money in the years to come.

Remember Monica Turcich, the expert at Christie's said: "Having a great story behind the piece always adds value"

Well the stories don't get much more recognisable than this in the art world.

Today we're offering you the opportunity to purchase a very special piece. An iconic piece worn by an icon.
Andy Warhol's personal polo neck jumper.

You know the one...

The majority of photographs featuring Andy Warhol show him wearing this famous black cashmere jumper.
It's as iconic as his famous portraits of Marilyn Monroe or his image of the Campbell's soup can.


Andy Warhol: photographed wearing jumper

We've already seen museums buying up clothing from Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, paying prices of £18,000 and £192,000.

We've no doubt that Andy Warhol's iconic jumper will also end up on museum display at some point.

That makes this is a unique opportunity.

After all, Warhol is described as "the most significant artist of the second half of the 20th century."

His works are familiar the world over. You don't have to be an art buff to appreciate the impact Andy Warhol and his artworks have had on society.

But what of the man himself? What items do we most closely associate with Andy Warhol? What personal memorabilia is available?

When I think of Warhol I think of his mop of white hair and his black polo neck jumper.

And it's that same jumper that we have available today.

So you're asking yourself: "How can this item make me serious money?"

Well on the back of recent auction results you could be forgiven for thinking this carries a $50,000 price tag.
In fact it's not even priced at $25,000.

This unique iconic jumper is actually at a bargain price when compared to recent sales.

Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow jacket, as worn in Pirates of the Caribbean, recently sold for £12,367.

A belt worn by Elvis Presley sold for $66,000, more than six times the estimate.

Even James Bond villain Oddjob's hat sold for $33,600.

Many of these items are being bought for Museum displays. So you will have to be quick.

Andy Warhol's famous polo neck jumper is for sale today at just £9,950 ($14,925).

Just last month an Andy Warhol self portrait taken on a Polaroid camera sold for $254,500. His paintings have set world records at auction in 2010.

Yet just £9,950 ($14,925) is a price that purchases you Warhol's most recognisable, and personal, piece of clothing.
At this price it won't be in stock for long so please contact us today.
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* reprinted by permission from Paul Fraser Collectibles